Changes to NSW Sexual Assault Laws

31 May 2021

At Morrisons, we are specialist criminal and traffic lawyers based in Wollongong and the Southern Highlands, if you require advice about a sexual assault offence, you can book an appointment with o...

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What is an AVO?

1 May 2021

An Apprehended Violence Order (‘AVO’) is a court order that prohibits or restricts a person from engaging in certain conduct. AVO’s are designed to protect people from actual or threatened vi...

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‘Four Angels Law’ Introduces New Combined Drink and Drug Driving Offences in NSW

12 April 2021

The NSW Parliament has passed new laws that will result in harsh penalties for drivers caught with both alcohol and drugs in their system. In February 2021 the Road Transport Legislation Amendment ...

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Proposed New Domestic Violence Offence of ‘Coercive and Controlling Conduct’

17 March 2021

Labour MP Anna Watson has introduced the Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Amendment (Coercive and Controlling Behaviour) Bill 2020 into NSW Parliament. This bill aims to create a new offence...

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Proposed Changes to NSW Drug Laws

24 February 2021

The Greens have introduced the Cannabis Legislation Bill 2020 which proposes to legalise the possession, consumption, personal cultivation, sale and purchase of cannabis for people over the age of ...

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