Assault Offences in NSW – Offences, Penalties and Defences

16 July 2021

In NSW, the Crimes Act provides several different assault or ‘personal violence’ offences. Such offences cover a wide range of behaviours. These offences generally differ according to the degre...

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What is Bail? – A Guide to Bail in NSW

1 July 2021

What is bail? Bail refers to the release of a person who is accused of an offence, from jail, pending the outcome of their case. Their release from jail is on the condition that the person attends ...

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Drug Driving Offences in NSW

20 June 2021

With a significant increase in the number of roadside drug tests being conducted over the past years, drug driving offences are now one of the most common offences before the NSW Local Courts. In N...

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Changes to NSW Sexual Assault Laws

31 May 2021

The New South Wales government has announced it will change the laws around sexual consent, in an attempt to better deliver justice to victims of sexual assault. There have been calls for change to...

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What is an AVO?

1 May 2021

An Apprehended Violence Order (‘AVO’) is a court order that prohibits or restricts a person from engaging in certain conduct. AVO’s are designed to protect people from actual or threatened vi...

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