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At Morrisons, you meet with an experienced criminal and traffic law expert who will give you detailed advice and representation. We are the only firm in the Illawarra that has two solicitors identified as accredited specialists in criminal law by the NSW Law Society.

Criminal Law


Being charged with a criminal offence can often be a difficult and frightening experience. It is essential that you obtain specialised advice about your charge, legal options and the court process. The specialised team at Morrisons represents people charged with a wide range of criminal offences.

Traffic Law


At first glance, traffic offences or infringements may seem simple and straightforward. However the law that applies to such offences can be complex and confusing. This can include time limits, the effect of demerit points and licence disqualification periods.

Accredited Specialist Criminal Law

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Whether it be a traffic infringement or a serious criminal offence, it is essential that you understand your options, rights and obligations. The court process can often be intimidating and confusing – and the team at Morrisons can help you every step of the way.

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