Traffic offences often seem simple to deal with, but most of the time they are filled with complexities. It’s important you have the right team behind you to advise and support you all the way, especially when small decisions (like paying a fine) can have big impacts.

Our team at Morrisons are experienced and specialises in traffic law. It’s part of our expertise. We provide expert advice and representation for a vast range of traffic-related offences and appeals against decisions of the State Debt Recovery Office and Transport NSW (formerly the Roads and Maritime Services).

We are here to help you understand your rights in appealing decisions and making applications to Court.

Our experience includes:

  • Traffic infringements
    • Speeding offences
    • No P Plates
    • Negligent driving
    • Disobey red light/stop sign
    • Driver using mobile phone when not permitted
  • Appeals
    • Transport for NSW (formerly RMS) licence appeals
    • Learner licence appeals
    • Provisional licence appeals
    • Appeals against automatic suspensions – speeds greater than 30km/h and 45km/h over the speed limit
    • Withdrawal of driver licence privileges
    • Refusal or restrictions on licences on medical grounds
  • Applications
    • Application to quash habitual traffic offender declaration
    • Application to remove licence disqualification period
  • Heavy Vehicle Offences
    • Log book and driver fatigue
    • Load restraints
    • Weight distribution