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Our Community

At Morrisons, our commitment to the community is the driving force behind everything we do. We’re not just legal professionals – we’re devoted advocates for the Illawarra, Southern Highlands and South Coast regions.

Our commitment to philanthropy is an integral part of our identity as we actively contribute to the betterment of our community.

Through our various sponsorships, including our support for the University of Wollongong, the Helensburgh Cricket Club and the Illawarra Folk Festival, we actively participate in initiatives aimed at improving our community and instigating positive changes.

Our dedication extends further as we work together with organisations like the Wollongong District Law Society and the Albion Park Chamber of Commerce. We firmly believe in the strength of a united community.

Our community partnerships

University of Wollongong (UOW)

Scholarship Program

Morrisons sponsors and supports the University of Wollongong (UOW) Faculty of Law and its Law Students Society. We are dedicated to nurturing and mentoring the legal advocates of tomorrow.

The Morrisons Work Integrated Learning Scholarship offers an exciting opportunity for a Bachelor of Laws student (whether pursuing a single or combined degree) to acquire invaluable hands-on experience in every facet of criminal and traffic law. The scholarship program entails an approximately 60-day placement, during which the selected recipient will have the opportunity to learn from seasoned criminal advocates. They will also assist in preparing intricate criminal proceedings and gain courtroom advocacy experience by attending court cases.

Morrisons Moot Competition

In 2019, we collaborated closely with the UOW Law Students Society to create the Morrisons Criminal Advocacy Competition. This unique mooting competition aims to cultivate students’ courtroom advocacy skills and offers opportunities for them to win prizes. Morrisons also takes pride in sponsoring various other advocacy competitions at UOW, including the Senior Mooting competition.

We also engage with students through guest lectures, discussions and ongoing interaction with the UOW Faculty of Law and Law Students Society.

Helensburgh Cricket Club

Morrisons is a proud financial supporter of Helensburgh Cricket Club, where our Partner Matthew Ward previously served as Vice President for many years.

Illawarra Folk Festival

Graeme Morrison has been involved in both the Illawarra Folk Club and the running of the annual Illawarra Folk Festival for over a decade.

The Illawarra Folk Festival originated at Jamberoo in 1985 and has grown to be one of the largest festivals in Australia run entirely by a voluntary committee of 40 people from the Illawarra Folk Club. During the festival, the number of volunteers increases to over 350.

This event offers a unique platform to celebrate regional and Australian culture, heritage and ever-evolving traditions in a vibrant and communal atmosphere. The Illawarra Folk Club, as the host of the Illawarra Folk Festival, recognises that local businesses in the Illawarra region can reap several benefits from their involvement – such as boosting regional tourism, providing a focal point for summer holiday events, establishing a prominent community presence, gaining recognition as community supporters, accessing joint marketing prospects and increasing their exposure to a diverse audience.

Wollongong and District Law Society

Morrisons plays an active role in the Wollongong and District Law Society. Matthew Ward serves as the Criminal Law Representative and Cameron Meaney takes on the role of Social Coordinator.

The Wollongong & District Law Society takes a community-focused stance in advocating for important matters affecting our legal practitioners on a local scale. It also places great emphasis on educating emerging lawyers and fostering an environment for mentorship and productive collaborations. Their mission is to drive positive change within the legal community and provide valuable support to those embarking on their legal careers.

Albion Park Chamber of Commerce

Morrisons is an active member of the Albion Park Chamber of Commerce. Graeme Morrison has been involved in the Chamber of Commerce for over 20 years and is the current president.

The Chamber meets on the first Tuesday of the month (except January and November) to discuss initiatives to help support business and community development in the Albion Park area. The Chamber is actively engaged as advocates for the community and, as a consequence, delegates meet with many government and council departments – including the NSW Business Chamber, Shellharbour Tourism and the Department of State Planning – to attract funding, promote tourism and effectively manage the local community.

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We are the only private law firm in the Illawarra, Southern Highlands and South Coast regions with two lawyers recognised as Accredited Specialists in Criminal Law by the NSW Law Society.