Traffic law

At first glance, traffic offences or infringements may seem simple and straightforward.

However the law that applies to such offences can be complex and confusing. This can include time limits, the effect of demerit points and licence disqualification periods.

At Morrisons, we have extensive experience in providing advice and representation in the following:

  • Drink driving – novice, special, low, mid and high range
  • Driving with an illicit drug present in blood
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Refusing breath tests and blood/urine analysis
  • Wilfully alter blood concentration
  • Drive in a speed/manner dangerous
  • Drive recklessly/furiously
  • Drive while cancelled, suspended, disqualified and unlicensed
  • Driving while licence application refused
  • Negligent driving – occasioning grievous bodily harm and death
  • Dangerous driving – occasioning grievous bodily harm and death
  • Police pursuit
  • Burnouts – sustain loss of traction
  • Fail to stop and render assistance following an accident
  • Heavy vehicle offences – weight distribution, load restraints and driver fatigue

We also regularly help our clients with the following applications:

  • Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) Licence Appeals
    • Learner licence appeals
    • Provisional licence appeals
    • Automatic suspensions – speed greater than 30km/h and 45km/h over the speed limit
    • Withdrawal of driver licence privileges
  • Habitual traffic offender declarations
  • Applications to remove Court imposed disqualification periods